Hi! We are Designatives.We live in Budapest.We work worldwide.

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Branding concepts enchanted by design

Branding can make or break a company, product or service; that's why we take it very seriously and spend the necessary time to make sure the brand we create is exceptional.
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Beautiful websites built for performance

Web design and development always go hand-in-hand; good design must be followed by great development to make the final product perfect. A great site is easy to use, bug free, optimised for search engines and has swagger.
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Apps developed to perfection

Almost everyone has an idea for an app, making them a reality is the tricky part. The apps that we develop are stable, have well thought-out user interface design and are connected to our custom built back-end.
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Animated and filmed video production

To make sure we keep the audience engaged with a video, the substance and essence of a good communication concept needs to be molded together with an interesting story. A great storyline, good shots and music make all the difference in post-production.
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Some of our latest work

  • Digicomstory

    Branding • Web • Animation

  • Milam

    Branding • Web


    App • Branding • Web

  • Innodox

    Web • Animation

  • Heartn

    UI Design • App • Branding • UX Design • Web

Our clients benefit from a thoughtful and creative partnership.

  • Swisscare
  • Telekom
  • Michelin
  • Digic Pictures
  • Glassview
  • Drivingcamp
  • T-Systems
  • Londongate